2018 Chairs of Excellence Program

Call for application - 2018 Chairs of Excellence
2018, September 14, 12pm : Deadline for the submission of applications


The program Chairs of Excellence has been created to attract talented researchers to Grenoble to develop a research project in emerging fields of nanosciences in the network’s laboratories. The Chairs of Excellence are open to both junior and senior scientists, available for part time position in Grenoble; the minimum contract duration is 9 months - to be split over three years.

The award package includes an internationally competitive salary, social security, travel expenses and running costs support for hiring a PhD student and a post-doc and additional fund for operating costs to reinforce the successful candidate’s research activities.

The hosting period may start from January 2019, at least any time in 2019.

Fields of expertise

We are seeking outstanding candidates in the general field of nanosciences and nanotechnology. The candidates will preferably have a strong expertise/background in one or several of the following fields:

➜ Quantum nanoelectronics
➜ Nanomagnetism and spin electronics
➜Molecular electronics
➜Nanomaterials, nanostructuration
➜Nanocharacterization and metrology
➜Nano-approaches to life sciences
➜ Nanomodeling, theory and simulation

The applicants
The applicants must have a strong academic record. They must propose an innovative and ambitious research project that they will build in association with two or several laboratories of the network.

How to apply

You must send your application form directly to : fondation.direction@fondation-nanosciences.fr.

2018, September 14, 12pm : Deadline for the submission of applications

Chairs of excellence are open:

  • To young scientists with a level of excellence internationally recognized, willing to develop a new team in the Grenoble network.
  • Scientists expert at the highest international level in their field, willing to join the Grenoble community to develop new research and long-term collaborations with their home institution.

Scientific project:
The project should focus on one or more of the network’s areas of excellence. Candidates must propose an innovative and ambitious project that leads to significant progress in Nanoscience research in the laboratories of the Foundation’s network.

Particular attention will be given to research projects which:

  • explores new areas of research
  • brings new expertise not locally available
  • stimulates collaborations with the laboratories of the Foundation’s network

Projects should be constructed in collaboration with a local coordinator who must be a permanent researcher in the host laboratory.

The selection procedure:
All selection stages are strictly confidential.

After checking their eligibility, applications are submitted to independent external reviewers. After receiving the reports of the reviewers, the jury and qualified external scientists, classify the applications and establish a list of the applications selected for funding, which will be submitted for validation to the Steering committee.

Results will be announced in December 2018.




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