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Physics & NanoElectronics 2015

Physics & NanoElectronics 2015

New computing paradigms 
& low power consumption in Microelectronics

Mercredi 16 decembre et jeudi 17 décembre 2015 
Salle des séminaires - bât A- Campus CNRS
25 rue des martyrs - 38 000 Grenoble


The optimization of future computers requires a trade-off between power consumption and performance. What will be the impact of  new devices and new computing paradigms (quantum, adiabatic, neuromorphic…) ? What are the actual physical limitations of both power consumption and speed in logical circuits ?

These issues will be presented and discussed in a first event of a regular Grenoble series of Workshops at the frontier between physics and nanoelectronics.

This Workshop will gather reckoned experts from Grenoble area and outside, and is aimed to provide a pedagogical introduction (through tutorials and seminars) to some of the most important issues shared both by the microelectronics and physics communities.


Registration online is free of charge but mandatory, and based on first come - first served basis as the audience will be limited to 120 Attendees. To submit a poster, simply mention its title while registering online. The participation of PhD and post-doc fellows is warmly encouraged!

Program Physics & NanoElectronics

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Le Comité d'organisation scientifique :

D. Bensahel, J. Cibert, G. Ghibaudo, O. Joubert & M. Sanquer



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